About CEC

Everything you should know about CEC

This is us

Cutting Edge Coatings was founded in 2007 by Dr. Kai Starke in Hannover, Germany. As a spin-off of the Laser Zentrum Hannover, the company began with the manufacturing of thin-film deposition systems using ion beam sputtering technology. By now CEC is an established high-tech company and serves research together with industry customers throughout the world. ;

CEC is based on many decades of experience with IBS coatings. We regularly participate in national and international research projects and conferences. In 2020, CEC was awarded „Innovative through research“ by the German Stifterverband.

Our Specialty

CEC focuses on the production and development of the company's own Ion beam sputtering (IBS) coating system “NAVIGATOR”. IBS is known as the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process that produces the highest quality thin film systems. For this reason, it is the preferred deposition process for, among others, demanding laser applications. Compared to other coating processes, IBS is known for extremely dense coatings, low optical losses, low absorption, high laser irradiation resistance (LIDT) and high durability in harsh environments.

NAVIGATOR coating systems can not only deposit regular high/low (HL) thin-film systems, but also enable the production of coatings with gradual refractive index curves. This is achieved by the simultaneous sputtering of two different target materials. The advantages of such mixed layers are, for example, the easy production of gradient optics, reduced mechanical stress, improved thermal conductivity, increased LIDT and the production of complex rugate filters.

Our Philosophy

CEC's ambition is to bring the most advanced IBS coating technology to the market. We support our customers through close cooperation in the realization of their individual wishes, so that they can always stay one step ahead of their competitors.