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Our new IBS product:

Navigator 2100






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Navigator 2100

Next Generation

Navigator  1100


Navigator 1100


Navigator 1000


 N2100: Next Generation-Large scale IBS coating system with dual Ø600mm palettes.

 N1100: Standard-High performance IBS coating system with Ø400mm palette.

 N1100: Load-lock - Higher throughput IBS system due to Load-Lock system.

 N1100: Customized - „PUKI“ system with 2* Ø350mm or other size palettes


The products of the CEC GmbH - NAVIGATOR IBS DEPOSITION SYSTEMS- are aimed at the implementation of coating processes with the highest reachable quality. The products ranges from small manually controlled coating plants for in-house research & development purposes up to highly complex systems with automated coating procedures for industrial series production.

CEC IBS DEPOSITION SYSTEMS have four different types: NAVIGATOR 2100-Nova, NAVIGATOR 1100 Standard,NAVIGATOR 1100 Load-lock, NAVIGATOR 1000 Customized.

Focused on the customer requirements, coating processes can be developed and qualified during the implementation phase. Dedicated test set-ups are available at Cutting Edge Coatings and Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. for optics characterization (spectrophotometry, optical losses, laser-induced damage threshold).

The service of the CEC GmbH spans the identification of the appropriate coating system concept, the proof-of-principle for the desired coating products, the implementation of the system and the qualification of processes at the customer’s premises.