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Navigator 2100






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Our IBS coating systems have been sold to 11 countries: Germany, USA, UK, Russia, China, India, Turkey, Finland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Switzerland and so on. With the advanced high-tech and customer-oriented service, CEC becomes more and more popular all over the world.

Distribution partner:


United States of America (USA)

Alleiniger Vertreter

Tecport Optics, Inc.

Herr Joseph Kim

6457 Hazeltine National Drive

Suite 140

32882 Orlando, Florida

Tel: +1(407)855-1212

Fax: +1(407)855-1213



Offizieller Agent

von der Firma Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH:

Arcontec LTD.
Hauptstrasse 60

197 Taeuffelen
CH – 2575

Tel.:  +41323962639 Work

Fay.: +41323962606 Fax

Generaldirektor: Hans Rudolf Messerli



Joint Venture

Qingdao Ruifeng Oude Technology Co.,Ltd

No.8 Huakang Road, Chengyang District

266107, Qingdao ,China

Phone:+86 13006504099



Alleiniger Vertreter

MSR Technology Co., Ltd.

C-812, Hyundai Knowledge Industrial Center

7 Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Republic of Korea 05836

Tel: +82-(0)2-554-2350

Fax: +82-(0)2-554-2310



Russische Föderation und die Republik Belarus

Offizielle Vertreter

von der Firma Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH:

Tarasov Vladimir Alekseevich

Tel.: + 7 985 364 25 29