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Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH (CEC)


Cutting Edge Coating GmbH was founded  in 2007 by Dr. Kai Starke in Hanover, the capital city of Lower Saxony, Germany.  With the support of Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), Dr. Kai Starke started his business to produce Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) deposition systems.

As a spin-off company of Laser Zentrum Hannover, CEC is destined to be a high-tech coating company. CEC's core technical staff - some from Laser Zentrum Hannover - has many years of experience in IBS coating. Every year CEC takes part in national scientific research projects, in addition to some international scientific research projects. In 2019, CEC wins the honours of "Innovative Through Research" by the German Stifterverband.




Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) Deposition System and IBS Coating Technology


Set up in 2007, CEC focuses on producing and developing their in-house ion beam sputtering coating system - NAVIGATOR IBS. Ion beam sputtering is known as the industrial physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating process to reach the highest thin-film quality. It is therefore preferred for demanding laser applications. Compared to other PVD coating method, IBS is famous for thin-film ultra-dense, low loss, low absorption, high laser damage threshold (LIDT), and low stress.


CEC's IBS coating machine can not only do general High/ Low (HL) thin film layers, but  can also do mixture materials coating. This means, the ion source sputters two targets of different material at the same time. This advanced mixture coating technology has many advantages, such as form gradient index, elimination of the film interface, super low stress, and production of complicated  Rugate  filters. Providing these cutting-edge IBS coating technologies is  our business and we are always there to support our customers in staying ahead of their competitors.




Delivering Cutting-edge Innovations in IBS Coating and Customer Satisfaction


The coating process is based on ion beam sputtering of metal or dielectric targets. The equipment incorporates about 20 years of experience in the field of IBS coatings for high performance laser applications. The coating systems are designed for the manufacturing of thin-film optical coatings for the most demanding applications in fine optics and laser technology.


Custom-tailored processes are optimized by using test set-ups for damage resistance, absorption, scattering etc. designed according to ISO standards. Aiding our customers to have the most advanced IBS coating technology at hand is our job and we are always there whenever our customers need us.




Innovative Through Research in 2020


Cutting Edge Coating GmbH participates in the survey on research and development of companies in Germany 2020.The Stifterverband of Germany honours our research work with the seal of approval "Innovative Through Research". CEC is currently taking part in "BINGO - Bonding of optical components" science research project in 2020.


New IBS Coating Machines delivered to South Korea in Jan 2021


In Jan 2021, one new IBS machine Navigator 1100 was installed in South Korea. In Dec 2020, CEC sent out new IBS coating systems - one NAVIGATOR 2100 and one NAVIGATOR 1100 IBS machine - to Lithuania.  In November, one IBS machine was sent to the USA and in July, one IBS machine was sent to the Netherlands.  The Netherlands are now the 11th country to which we sold a NAVIGATOR IBS  coating system. We have sold our machines  across Europe North America, and Asia with new customers approaching us every year.


Next Generation  IBS Coating  System - NAVIGATOR 2100


In 2020, CEC has successfully developed the new IBS Deposition System -  NAVIGATOR 2100. It now has two substrate palettes with a diameter of 600 mm each, which will hugely improve the productivity and also turn the coating of big-diameter-substrates into reality. This new type of IBS system has already been sold and continues to be requested and booked by our customer.



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